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Sustainable Landscape Design

February 18, 2020

Sustainable Landscape design is a strategic landscape design method aimed at being proactive in the mitigation of negative environmental effects. It ranges from the types of materials used to create hardscapes, to the types of plants that are planted in the landscape to the type of lighting installed.

Examples of how Sustainable Landscape Design may be implemented in your home:



The materials that a Patio is made out of greatly contribute to the sustainability of one's backyard. For example, a concrete patio does a poor job of absorbing rainwater causing storm drains to overflow and pollute public water with debris and toxic pollutants. A more environmentally friendly option for your Patio is permeable pavers. Permeable Pavers allow for the rainwater to flow through its joints passing through a gravel base that filters out pollutants before the water is able to reach the ground.



Sustainable Landscape Design implores the use of native plants that grow naturally in your region. Plants that grow naturally in your region have already adapted to your climate, meaning the plants need less water and artificial pesticides than their non-native counterparts.



The ideal lighting system for Sustainability is a LED lighting-based system. LED Lighting Systems consume leaves a lower carbon footprint because the system consumes considerably less energy than a fluorescent light system. By using a LED Lighting System you also eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that have been known to be found in conventional lighting systems.

In sustainable landscape design a bit can go a long way. We encourage you to keep in mind the ideas in this article when you prepare to renovate your landscape. Want to get started on your Sustainable Landscape Project simply fill out our contact form to speak to one of our experienced designers and for a FREE estimate.

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