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TOP 2020 Sustainable Landscape Design Trends

March 5, 2020

Interest in sustainable design and being eco-conscious are both on the rise especially in places where droughts are common like Los Angeles. So we’ve created a list of the top trends in sustainable design for 2020.

Proper Drainage

Proper Drainage:

Proper Drainage is one of the most important factors to keep in mind if you want your outdoor space to be more environmentally friendly. We suggest installing gutters and gutter guards onto your rooftop edges this will divert a good deal of the rainwater from your patio and backyard helping prevent rainwater from flooding your yard and creating unnecessary runoff. We suggest adding a slotted system for your patio to properly drain the water from your patio. A slotted system is essentially a long drain that is installed next to your patio to collect the water and properly dispose of it, preventing the water from running off and polluting public water with debris and toxic pollutants.

Plants that soak up excess water

Plants that soak up excess water:

Planting plants such as Boxwoods and Maple trees will help curtail the amount of excess water that your yard gets when it rains. The shrubs and the grass that borders your garden will protect your garden while the roots of the tree will absorb the water. Hence not only are you protecting your softscaping investment but also recycle the water by having the trees soak up the excess water.

Outdoor flooring and Patios

Outdoor flooring and Patios:

If thinking about adding a deck or flooring we suggest using Thermally Modified Wood as the choice of wood for your deck. Thermally Modified Wood decays slower than normal wood because of the process of Thermal modification. Through heating the wood to over 185 to 215 degrees Fahrenheit the heat removes organic compounds from the wood cells, so it will not absorb water, expand, contract, or provide nourishment for insects or fungi.

The most environmentally friendly option for your Patio is permeable pavers. Permeable Pavers allow for the rainwater to flow through its joints passing through a gravel base that filters out pollutants before the water is able to reach the ground. Meaning your drains will not overflow thus no runoff which carries debris and toxic pollutants to public sewers and public bodies of water.

Sustainable landscape is all the rage especially here in Los Angeles if you follow a few of these tips your yard will be exponentially more environmentally friendly. If you feel like you would like or need assistance in this endeavor do not fret, simply fill out our FREE Estimate to speak to one of our professionals who will gladly go over with you what is the best options for you and your outdoor space and we are a full-service Landscape Contracting company so we can take you from design to your dream environmentally friendly backyard.

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